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   Naruto Manga Chapter- 686

*I can’t wait next chapter, last pages were really amazing no words, I really admire Obito, he sacrificed again and  damn .. fucking feels and old kakashi team, lovely Rin and other side Sakura’s react aw ha keep calm woman, he wont lose that easily. And Naruto you silly dont scare your bae. 

wop wop wop…

im not okey ;-;




Alright folks! Probably the last preview before it’s done. I’m going to stop for the night because I gots some things to do and I have a busy day tomorrow. Probably won’t be done until… maybe this weekend?

It’s looking pretty bad so far…. hopefully coloring it will help it some. I haven’t finished Sakura’s hair or the tops of their clothing. And coloring of course. Still have some alignment issues that I might have to fix, BUT I THINK I DID THE HEAD TURN PRETTY WELL.


Bath time for Caryl. xD 

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